Community Thanksgiving Dinner! — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Members of the Town of Plymouth and the Tyson Congregational Church are teaming up to offer a community Thanksgiving dinner. You are invited!


Well, I don’t seem to have much news this week, although there are probably many things of which I am unaware! I do want to make sure folks know that the Community Luncheon, which will be a turkey dinner, is taking place on Thursday, 11/15 downstairs at Tyson Church. All are welcome.

In light of the approaching holiday of Thanksgiving, I thought I would mention something for which I am grateful. A seven year old boy was just presented with an award at school for his kindness. Mentioned was the fact that he plays so well with others – encouraging even those with whom he is not friends to join in. He is kind accepting others and cheerfully includes them. It seems like he sees others with his heart. I am working to perceive the world and all those in it that way myself!

Advance information. There will be much happening at the Notch [President Coolidge Homestead] on 12/1, so mark your calendar. I will have more details about all the activities in the future, but please know that Tyson Ladies Aid will be at Wilder House that day with luscious soups and pastries. Plan to be there, too!

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