Ground Hog Day & Super Bowl weekend~ Margo’s Report


As I write, the new month is upon us with lots of exciting happenings, such as Ground Hog Day and the Super Bowl coming our way! Who knows what the outcome will be with either of these events, but by the time this goes to print, both will have been decided.

These cold days have at least been made more tolerable by the bright sunshine and blue skies. However, there was a mini-blizzard in Rutland on Wed when we were heading home around 5:00 PM. We were able to visit briefly with Bill Jarvi at the Meadows, and his lovely smile continues to warm my heart.

I don’t know if there is not much going on or if I am simply out of the loop, but the only upcoming event I have noted is the Community luncheon one 2/15. More details will follow.

I did receive an email that indicated Calvin Coolidge was featured on a commemorative coin in 1926 to mark the 150th anniversary of American independence. The half dollar coin had Coolidge and Washington on the front. Can any history buffs confirm this information?


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1 Response to Ground Hog Day & Super Bowl weekend~ Margo’s Report

  1. JPDumville says:

    The coin featuring Calvin Coolidge and George Washington was made. It was unusual because it featured an image of a living president and that has never been done. You can purchase the coin from coin dealers. 

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