An icy week in Plymouth~ Margo’s Report


As I write this on Friday, the long day of rain has passed and left us with a thick glaze of ice. But, the sun is out and the snow is sparkling. Just make sure to wear your ice gripers, though!

This winter weather has made driving hazardous at times and the number of recent vehicle accidents is a bit alarming. Not long ago log truck apparently careened off Lynds Hill and just this morning a car ended up down in the gully off Tyson/Reading Road. From what I can gather, the occupants were able to get out and hopefully that means they were not seriously hurt. That was hours ago and they are still working to extract the car, so the road has been closed for some time.

I don’t seem to have much news this week. Tom & I attended an interesting program the other evening in Cavendish about foxes. It was presented by the Southern VT Natural History Museum from West Marlboro, located near Molly Stark State Park. They have live animals at their facility, in addition to many exhibits. This sounds like a great place to take the boys during winter break – weather permitting!

Speaking of my grandsons, the next Community Lunch happens during vacation week (2/21), so I will need help planning & carrying out this event. Please let me know if you are able to help….


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