CPR classes offered at Plymouth CC

Interested in taking a CPR course?

Susan Poirier is available to teach CPR classes on Thursday March 28, Thursday April 4 & Thursday April 11 at 6:30 p.m at The Plymouth Community Center.

There are a couple of types of CPR courses; Family and Friends certification, Heart Saver Certification and Basic Life Support Certification.

The Heartsaver or the Basic Life Support (for healthcare providers such as nurses, EMTs etc) courses are 3 hours long. Those classes are done in ‘one sitting’.  These courses are $25 each.

The ‘Family and Friends’ class should only be 90 min. max and will cost $10.

We would need at least 3 people/class to sign up. If interested, please send contact info to Susan at spcolby@gmail.com.

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