Lots of upcoming events in Plymouth!

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard.


Well, here we are on a damp, but warm Friday. Will the temps actually make it to 60 degrees? It wasn’t that cold last night, so not sure the sap is running. Speaking of running, though, I saw a large fisher cat running, well, more like loping, on the snow-covered hill behind our house. Later, Karen Evans and I clamped on snowshoes & followed the tracks. Of course, we really weren’t trying to find it, but to see where it came from. After a long trek higher and higher, we finally had enough exercise & returned to house for a cup of tea!

Thanks to Michelle Pingree for agreeing to cook a corned beef and cabbage dinner for the Community Luncheon and to the Tyson Church for help with funding the meal. It will take place at 11:30 AM on Thursday, 3/21 in the Community Room of the church. Irish soda bread and a green dessert from Windsor Youth will round out the meal and we are hoping to have live music as well. All are invited to attend.

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Matthew McCormick, but he is interested in organizing and utilizing the many outdoor recreational opportunities in our area. He is proposing the name, PASTA, similar to RASTA (Rochester Area Sports Trails Alliance). He has reserved the Community Center at 6 PM on Friday, 3/22 to gather for discussion, complete with pizza, beverages, and maps to enhance the evening. Please consider attending. Kids are welcome to attend as well, The Plymouth Schoolhouse childcare will be open for kids to play in the classroom. 

Proud grandparents, Carl and Nancy Hagge shared this wonderful poem written by their granddaughter, Schuyler, age 11. She participated in the Young Writers Project and her poem was recently published in the Rutland Herald. With permission, I am copying it below:

Far away, there is a tunnel full of fears and full of dreams.

Far away, there is a tunnel full of hope and full of wishes

In this tunnel full of fears and dreams and hope and wishes

There is a light that burns in the night, out of sight.

And this light is the fears of the fearless, the dreams of the dreamless,

The hope of the hopeless and the wishes of the wishless.

Although it is a bit premature, I wanted to give you a heads-up about the Second Annual Community Spaghetti Dinner by Tyson Ladies Aid, that will take place on Sunday, 5/5 from 5 -7 PM at Plymouth Town Hall. Mark your calendar and join the fun. The meal is free, but donations are gladly accepted and will be used for community benefit.

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