Upcoming Folk & Blues Festival! ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission by The Vermont Standard


Oh my, the season is changing. All the signs are there. Darkness is coming earlier, the ferns are browning, and my late phlox are blooming. Even a few leaves are changing on the Tyson/Reading road. But, “wait”, I want to say. I am having so much fun with summer activities – splashing in lakes both near & far; riding my bike after a two year hiatus; eating outside on the deck. Alas, time marches on and so must we….

Yet, there are many enjoyable events yet to come, so prepare to be part of them. For instance, this week is the Community Luncheon that takes place downstairs at Tyson Church. Open to all – come enjoy lasagna, salad, and dessert, plus a travel discussion at 11:15.

Upcoming events include the hilarious spoof on the work of the Bard. None other than “Shakespeare Alive” is happening again at the Union Christian Church at the Historic Site on Saturday, 8/31 at noon. Professional actors provide a provocative and entertaining time with fast-paced lines delivered with professional precision to tickle your funny bone. Don’t miss it!

As usual, the Folk & Blues Festival will take place on Labor Day weekend. It will include a nice variety of music by talented musicians from here and there. It will happen both Saturday, 8/31 and Sunday, 9/1 afternoons and although ideally it will happen outside on the grass, the church will be available in case of rain. More details will follow.

Registered voters, don’t forget to review the proposed Town Plan so you can vote knowledgeably on Tuesday, 9/10, at the Town Hall between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm. It has been carefully prepared and you can read it on the Plymouth website or pick up a copy n the Town Clerk’s Office.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not mention that Julia Kowalski did a great job when she joined the cast of “ klahoma” on stage on Saturday evening at the Weston Playhouse. It was a high energy performance and she fit right in!


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