Grace Coolidge Musicale & upcoming Labor Day weekend events~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with Permission by The Vermont Standard


This seems to be our summer to hop around to various lakes. This past weekend, Tom & I were visiting friends on Pontoosuc Lake in MA. I would imagine that our local lakes were well populated this weekend with the warm weather and folks squeezing in summer activities before school begins in another week or so.

It appears that the insects are liking the heat & humidity. Our walk this evening was full of flying creatures. I believe they are called darners – large dragonflies that were zooming all around us gobbling up smaller insects!

There was a large crowd at the Community Luncheon this past week. Thanks to everyone who contributed food items (Katherine Pingree, Kathy Lynds, and Joy Donnelly), interesting travel stories (Rodrick Pingree), and the teens and staff from Windsor Youth who help to serve and cleanup. It is a team effort with others opening and locking up the church, setting up and making coffee, plus those who circulate and make sure everyone is comfortable! We are always looking for help with this monthly community endeavor, so let me know if you would like to help.  The next luncheon will be Thursday, 9/19.

The final Grace Coolidge Musicale will take place at 4 PM on Sunday, 8/25 with pianists Abigail Charbeneau and Susan Cobb performing music by American composers George Gershwin and Amy Beach. These concerts have been named in honor of the former first lady who was famous for her Sunday afternoon musicales at the White House. This series, organized by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, is sponsored by the Alma Gibbs Donchian Foundation. For further information, visit

Don’t forget the upcoming Labor Day weekend events – Shakespeare Alive, The Folk & Blues Festival, and other fun happenings at the Historic Site! More details next week….


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