Changing leaves and the next Community luncheon ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission by The Vermont Standard


My goodness, there has been a precipitous nip in the air lately. I may be overreacting, however, because I remember a former neighbor saying there is always a frost during the Rutland Fair and we have not had one yet! Someone asked me recently why a particular tree can still be all green, with only one branch bursting into color. Does anyone know the answer?

School is back in session and many students are involved with sports, various clubs & scholastic pursuits. I don’t know many of our young people any longer, but I would love to share their activities. We are a town with many sections/hamlets, so we don’t always know what is going on with folks. Please feel free to send me information that I may include.

I understand that the turnout was light for the Town Plan vote, but it did manage to pass. Thanks to the several people who manned the poles!  Condolences to Michelle and Justus Pingree on the passing of her Mom.

The monthly community luncheon will take place Thursday, 9/19 at 11:30 AM downstairs at Tyson Church. This event is organized by volunteers in an attempt to bring folks together to socialize over a hearty meal. We have some new folks in town and this is a good way to meet them. All are welcome.

I don’t know whether some of these sales will bring full-time residents to Plymouth, but here is the latest listing of property transfers:

Scout Camp Rd    3.1 Acres  $2,000     Sheryl Tepper to Corsi Norniella

182 Upper Round Top Rd     $75,000     Estate of Joan Carbonaro to Philip and Barbara Walker

140 Rte 100    $100,000    Rodrick and Katherine Pingree to Gerard Smyth

1672 Hale Hollow Rd.      $440,000     Kenneth and Carol Ackley to Joan Rubin

2396 Rte 100 A        $239,000     Jon and Diana Plumley to Carol Cotie


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