A new community member and the upcoming Coolidge Apple Festival! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Greetings – we are back in VT after our two week vacation! We spent a few days with family in England, then began a delightful and enlightening eleven day tour of Scotland and Ireland. The US is such a young country by comparison. Many of the castles are crumbling, so all you see are ruins, as was true of this monastery, Clonmacnoise, in Ireland on the River Shannon, which was founded in 544. The fact that they were built without modern equipment is amazing in itself!

I see that the leaves are changing and falling, plus it looks like it has been a rollercoaster in regard to the temperatures. Astonishingly there are still cherry tomatoes ripening on the vine and my impatiens have flourished. Wonderful neighbors provided care for our cat, our plants, and our house. Many thanks!

While we were gone, Sydney Grace Bergey was born on 9/16/19 to Amber and Brandon, joining siblings, Susie and Simon. A healthy weight at 7 lbs, she has lots of dark hair, as did her siblings at birth. Welcome!

Saturday was such a lovely day and provided a wonderful backdrop for the Bethany Birches Camp fundraiser auction. Per Brandon, it was very successful and will help to provide funds for camperships, so that no child will be left out.

I understand that the Community Luncheon went well on 9/19. Several people worked together to make it happen. Thanks to one and all! It is nearly time to start planning for the October one, which will be 10/17. I believe there is someone willing to make the main dish and as soon as that is determined, I will put out the word for sides to go with it!

The Reading Group will be meeting at the Community Center on 10/3 at 6:30 PM to discuss Educated.  Always an enjoyable evening, so join us!  A reminder that the Coolidge Apple Festival is coming up on 10/12. More details to follow!


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