New Plymouth Resident Arrived By Stork! Plus Hobgoblins, Book Club, and Community Luncheon– Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


Well, this certainly is a gloomy Sunday – cold, damp, and rainy. Yet, there are no forest fires nipping at our heals or tornadoes touching down, so I guess we should be grateful. I did hear that the power was out for several hours on the other side of town – inconvenient, but not life-threatening. On the way to church I was noticing a couple of bright yellow trees still holding onto their leaves despite the wind and rain.

I believe that there have already been some Halloween events, so a few little fairies, superheroes and goblins have been seen around the area. More will be in evidence this week! It is nice that there are safe and fun activities for little ones. Nobody wants to come up our long driveway, so we need to go elsewhere to see them!

Congratulations to Lauren and Matt on the birth of their son, Liam Richard Harootunian on 10/22. He weighed 6.7 pounds and had lots of dark hair. Mina Turner is overjoyed with her latest grandchild as well!

Starting to plan for the November Community Luncheon on 11/21, so let me know who might like to help. Mark you calendar and plan to attend!

The Book Club will be gathering on 11/7 to discuss Mr. Dickens and His Carol by Samantha Silva. I have finished reading it, so my book will be available if you are interested. Contact me if you would like to have it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet some of these new folks who are buying properties here in town. Perhaps we should plan a Town Party to welcome them…..

1) 396 Dead End Rd $270,000 Thomas and Constance Keating to Kimberly Roffi

2) 5410 Route 100 $37,000 Art and Mike Lynds to Daniel Ney and Alicia Talley

3) 231 Snowy Owl Lane $403,333 Garrett and Susanne Cook to Damon and Aileen Anderson

4) 2699 Hale Hollow Rd $190,800 James and Carol Duff to Wilmington Savings Fund Society

5) 18 Town Line Rd $239,000 Kelley Foy to Duncan and Judith Brettell

6) 4193 Route 100 A $250,000 Richard and Holly Gaspar to Conrad and Geraldine Zendzia

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