Community Thanksgiving Luncheon Planned — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


Here we are in a new month and on a new schedule, too. I must say it was nice to have it light upon arising this morning, but not that great to have it dark so early this evening! Heading through Mt Holly this afternoon, the skies darkened and snow was hitting our windshield, even though the forecast did not predict it. Well, this is November in VT after all…

We have been told by several people recently that bear have been in evidence on the road near our driveway and across the road in the field. We are aware that we live in a bear corridor. I suppose they are not quite ready to hibernate for the winter, so I imagine they are eating plenty in anticipation of their long winter nap. I can’t really imagine what they are finding right around us to munch upon, but there must be something good.

Tonight (Sunday) I needed to go out to the garage to retrieve something from my car. It was dark and I have to admit that I was a bit leery of venturing out there. I put on the flood light & hurried across the driveway, half expecting to encounter “something”. You know, that feeling of having eyes watching you that can cause your imagination to run wild. As I sprinted back to the house I thought I saw something in our turnaround.

I flew up the steps, glad to be on the deck, then scooted into the house. What I thought I saw appeared to be white, so I doubt it was a bear. When I flipped on the dining room spotlight, nothing was there. Probably it was all in my head – I will never know for sure!

Don’t forget the Book Club this Thursday at 6:30 at the Community Center. I believe that everyone knows that is the former elementary school. All are welcome.

I want to thank the folks who have so kindly agreed to assist with the Community Luncheon on 11/21 because they are willing to help create a Thanksgiving meal! It will be at the usual time of 11:30 downstairs at Tyson Church. Rather than a speaker, I thought perhaps we might share things for which we are grateful.

 We never know how many people will attend, so I am thinking 3 turkey breasts will be needed. The church very kindly reimburses a certain amount for the main course ingredients. I will cook one and Windsor County Youth Services will cook a second. I plan to shop this Friday, is there anyone else who might want to cook the third one? Please let me know so that I know where to take it. Also, any master carvers available?

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