Upcoming Town Meeting & change of seasons~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission of The Vermont Standard


Early deadline and I really don’t have much news! More birds are back and now house finches with their flamboyant pink color, along with goldfinches. Our Christmas cactus has decided to bloom again and other indoor plants are coming into bloom as well – signs of spring….

For some reason February seems to have lasted a long time for me this year and I am sure it is not simply that it is leap year! Our oldest grandson’s basketball season has just come to an end, after four consecutive nights of games, A pretty tough schedule since he’s only eight. Not to fear, however, there will not be a dearth of sports events to watch because baseball practice begins next week!

Please note there are books collecting at the Town Hall that are for the bringing and taking. There is not an abundance of space on the table, but it is worth taking a look.

I suppose the gusty winds of the last couple of days are preparing us March. What will the new month hold for us? Well, first of all, it signals the time to get out and vote. It can also mean socializing with folks we may not have seen for a time. I always look forward to that piece of Town Meeting. See you there!


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