Running Sap, Town meeting recap, Tyson Ladies Aid meeting and upcoming Community Luncheon! ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Printed with permission from The Vermont Standard


Balmy weather over the weekend and the sap is running! It is amazing how little snow is left, especially if you travel from our immediate area. Our course, you turn up Dublin Rd and it still looks like winter! By the way, so nice to have those couple of huge holes filled in – thank you.

Well, Town Meeting moved along rather quickly and all of the articles passed, most without much discussion. Selectman Rick Kaminski reviewed the survey results that hopefully will provide direction for town leaders. With a fairly new Board of Selectmen, (welcome Jay Kullman), we were advised of their plan to examine the town finances in more depth within the coming months. It was nice to have time to chat after the formal meeting was adjourned.

There were no local contests, so everyone on the ballot was elected. In reviewing the presidential primary election results, it was interesting to see that Trump and Biden received 48 and 47 votes respectively, while Sanders received 70. Assorted votes went to other candidates and some were turned in blank.

Tyson Ladies Aid met on Thursday, 3/5, after having to cancel the February meeting twice because of the weather! Discussion centered on the Good Friday Bake sale that will be held outside Rite Aid in the shopping plaza in Ludlow on April 10th from 10:00 until noon. As usual, there will be an amazing array of goodies from which to choose – pies, cakes, cupcakes, and other adorable Easter treats. Mark your calendars!

The Book Group will be meeting this Thursday, 3/12 to discuss Boo Walker’s Red Mountain. It was a very different book from our last one, so it will be interesting to hear the comments and gain different perspectives. These discussions really enhance our understanding of the characters!

Plans are underway for the 3/19 Community Luncheon to take place downstairs at Tyson Church. I understand that the corned beef has already been purchased and the work schedule set for prep of the traditional boiled dinner in honor of St Patricks Day. For those who attended last year, Michelle is using the same delicious recipe and she will have assistance from Nancy Hagge. Dessert will be a delightful surprise and I am still working on the music piece!


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