COVID 19 impact on local events ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission of The Vermont Standard


Well, it’s Monday morning – a new day and a new week begins. The sun is shining brightly and the birds are happily chirping. Perhaps the sap will run today and sugaring can continue.

There are some things that continue unchanged, yet there is so much that is constantly changing. This COVID 19 outbreak has caused considerable disruption in most of our lives. The interconnectedness of the world has both pluses and minuses.

The fact that life has slowed down a bit might be considered a positive occurrence, however. The need to evaluate what it is important to do now and what can wait can be another plus. How wonderful that we still have so many ways to communicate with one another so that physical isolation does not mean a lack of connection. It has been heartwarming to hear from friends with offers to shop for us – many folks are reaching out in so many ways.

As most of you have likely guessed, the 3/19 Community Luncheon has been canceled. Feel free to wear green on the 17th even if you simply remain at home, though! The corned beef had already been purchased, but is safely in the freezer, so we plan to use it next month.

Please note also that Tyson Church will be closed at least until the end of the month.

In the meantime, may the promise of spring and the beauty of VT help to ease frustration and fear. Be well and blessed.

COVID 19 Time

Here we are – holed up

Practical – prudent – pragmatic

No touching hands – no hugs

How to make this time holy

Time to open & touch hearts

Diving deeper – ditching discouragement

Unraveling the unnecessary

Solitude – searching – sacred

Focusing on family & friends from afar

Pursuing Presence, praise & peace

MM – 3/15/20


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