Tyson Community Church Temporarily Closes

Mercy: If you have two cloaks and your neighbor has none… (Luke 3:11)

Tyson Community Church has temporarily closed in response to the governor’s call for social distancing.

However, we have not abandoned our worship altogether. As the church’s pastor, I have been posting my weekly sermons on the church’s Facebook Page since beginning our leisurely exploration of Mark’s gospel, where they have been read by a larger community than ours. During this closure, I will continue to prepare and publish weekly sermons, and I am going to experiment with providing an audio file version, too. Stay tuned!

Our small faith community has also been fortunate to attract the musical talents of Erik Johannson who plays multiple instruments, including guitar, harp, recorder, and (of course) organ. He is a gifted musician and a long-time writer of worship songs – a number of which have been published in worship song compilations. Last Sunday, our first after closing, he provided us links to online hymns and songs by email that complemented the sermon theme. Whenever he is able to continue doing so going forward, I will include the links with the week’s sermon.

Using social media to keep our connections during this challenging time is brand new for us. We are exploring and experimenting, and learning as we go. Meanwhile, we are pretty darned happy with who we are becoming as a worship community, and we’re eager to remain connected in spirit even if we must be physically separated.


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1 Response to Tyson Community Church Temporarily Closes

  1. Bud says:

    Nice welcoming PIX with new signage.

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