Fishing, 4th of July celebrations, lost hikers, upcoming Tyson Ladies Aid picnic, & curbside service for Plymouth Cheese! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with the permission of The Vermont Standard


Well, the holiday weekend has come and gone – a very different one for most of us.  Cars were streaming into Ludlow on Friday afternoon and I don’t believe I have ever seen so many boats on Echo Lake.  We watched one man fishing, sitting in a chair on a round 5 foot diameter “boat”.  He was catching and releasing.  He headed over to Camp Plymouth State Park and after emptying his craft, he simply rolled it away!

There were a couple of professional pyrotechnics by a few towns, but also many backyard fireworks were being set off far into the night.  Beautiful as these displays are, I always feel sorry for the animals – domestic and wild.  I think some people opted to watch them on TV instead.

We had a bit of excitement in Tyson Sunday evening when 2 hikers became lost trying to go from Dublin Rd up to Tiny Pond.  I don’t know all the details, but apparently they were wandering for 5 hours without water or proper shoes.  Many thanks to Angela who responded for Plymouth Emergency Services. I believe others may have accompanied her and after dealing with two bouts of heavy rain and near darkness, the couple was located.  They all exited the woods in Mt Holly and the Ludlow ambulance checked them out.  Lessons to be learned:  don’t wander into unknown territory ill-prepared…..

Tyson Ladies Aid will have the Annual Picnic this Thursday at the Pingree’s on Pingree Flats.  Tyson Library is opening 7/7, operating 10 AM to noon Tuesday through Saturday.  Masked are required and only one person or family group may enter at a time.  TLA gave two $1500 scholarships this year to Eve Cole (WUHS) and Sara Swartz (BRHS)

As with most things these days, there are some changes at the Historic Site.  Many things, including the church are closed, but the Museum & Education Center (where the new Roaring Twenties exhibit is located), main levels of the two barns, and Coolidge Homestead are open.  The cheese factory has curbside service.

Although storms seem to be cycling in and out, if you can, take a refreshing dip in one of our lovely lakes.  We live in such a beautiful spot!



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