Tours at Historic Site, Food truck at Camp Plymouth State Park, & Dinner at The Inn at Water’s Edge! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with the permission of The Vermont Standard




Although “Fay” made it all the way to VT, we were fortunate compared to other areas where wind and rain caused considerable damage.  We surely needed the rain.  Not only was vegetation looking a bit refreshed, but the birds seemed to be singing happily, too.  It was nice not having to water the garden, but I do know that utility workers were kept pretty busy.


I just confirmed with Bill Jenney that tours are being conducted at the Historic Site and they take place on the hour.  Although not everything is open, it is still a lovely place walk and to feel the history that was lived there. You can also check out the latest exhibit:  The Roaring Twenties: Fashions, Fads, and All That Jazz.  Please note they are closed on Mondays.


Tom was at Camp Plymouth State Park on Saturday and said there was a large food truck over near the area that formerly had handicapped tables.  I don’t know the details, but apparently you can obtain refreshments now.  Masks will probably be needed to interact with these providers, as is the case with park personnel.  Don’t forget to bring your own chairs because there are no picnic tables at this point.


I understand that the Inn At Water’s Edge will be offering a prix-fixe dinner on Tuesday, 7/21. It will be a 4 course meal for $50, but you will need to make a reservation since the seating is limited to 16 people.  You may call (802) 265-0920 for more information or go to  Depending upon its success, more Tuesday offerings may be forthcoming!


Lauren Skaskiw is currently offering licensed childcare at The Plymouth Schoolhouse, (the former Plymouth Elementary School).  With only 4 slots and 9 youngsters on a rotating basis, she is full at the moment, but I thought it might be fun for folks to hear about the delightful things that are going on there.  Puzzles and bubbles are always a favorite activity, but watermelon in the shade, story time, and sensory sand play are also ways that the youngsters learn and grow together.  Things are running a bit different with precautions taken due to the Virus (no visitors allowed, adults wear masks at drop off and pick up, extra cleaning) but she says it is worth the extra work to have the children spending time together!


Thanks, Lauren for tending to some of our youngest residents!


Pictures are Liam Holland and Kes Hanrahan chasing bubbles, and Liam Harootunian enjoying the shade.

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