Windy, hot weather and a poem! ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with the permission of The Vermont Standard



I guess I need to start by admitting that I really have nothing to report this week!  A couple of early morning bike rides have been nice.  The rains came and watered the gardens a bit.  Many folks seem to be vacationing in VT and enjoying the beauty of our area.


Although I did not go near our delightful lakes in Plymouth, I understand from friends that Camp Plymouth State Park drew a large crowd this past weekend.  Also, it was quite windy, causing waves in the water even without many power boats in evidence.  I am told that many people were on the water with paddle boards and kayaks, though.


According to Ranger Chris, Sustainable Eats has a food truck there from 11 AM – 3PM on Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as Friday through Sunday.  Also the playground is open now!


Those of us who are local could easily lament the sustained hot temperatures and humidity, although most often things cool down at night.  So without further ado, here is a ditty…


Summer 2020
Steamy, dreamy days.
So, is that fog or haze?
Here come the suns bright rays.
Ah, setting the sky ablaze.
Now, when the temps do rise,
Begging us to be more wise,
Hydrate if you exercise,
So you don’t de-stabilize.
Yes, enjoy the lovely breeze.
Seek the shade beneath the trees.
Summer’s here, everyone agrees –
These are facts not hypotheses!
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