2020- A Year of Transitions ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard

2020 – a year of transitions

Last December we were frantically searching to find a place for Christmas dinner so that Tom & I could meet with the Gedney & Stern families.  Albany turned out to be the halfway point & we actually had a nice meal & enjoyed spending the Holiday together.  This year,  with COVID flourishing, even going to a restaurant seems questionable. 
It would be impossible to list all of the cordial gatherings that took place in the beginning of 2020, but there were many dinners & wonderful times with family & friends. When the pandemic began to take center stage, then walking together seemed to become the way to socialize.  

We did tap out & made maple syrup, but already knew it would be our last season.  Thanks to the folks who helped with the various tasks that sugaring entails.  It was a blessing to have been able to stockpile some of our syrup, so we are still gifting & enjoying it.

It was a strange summer – much too warm & humid for such an extended period in VT.  As a result, swimming in Echo Lake was almost a daily ritual & we were glad to have several friendly points of access.  Lake George provided a delightful outing for my 75th birthday.

Then came the end of July & the world turned upside-down.  On a beautiful summer day, Tom & I brought Owen (9) & Landon (7) to the state park on Echo Lake.  The boys & I dove right in and they quickly garnered quite a collection of rocks.  We took them back to the shade to show Poppy & soon a lesson in juggling began. Later the boys ventured back into the water with Tom while I remained in the shade.  As usual, he swam out further to enjoy some solitary time in the water.  When the boys returned & we realized that Tom was missing, I quickly surmised what had happened.

Blessing:  a beautiful day with family, a gentle sinking below the surface in a beloved lake, & a peaceful transition to eternity.  Because of COVID we were only able to gather a few at a time to honor Tom – at the cemetery, on Echo Lake & at Lake George.  The tender presence of family & friends via calls, cards, & emails has been a great comfort.  We have many fond memories & funny stories & now a wonderful structure built by Chris called Poppy’s Place. 

I hope that all of you reading this can smile as you recall Tom & the times you shared with him.  I believe he would like that.  I certainly would appreciate it.  In peace & love, may the New Year bring you abundant joy & blessings. 

With heartfelt affection, 


Advent leads from darkness to light

Heavy hearts can find their load lightened

As the days lengthen, our spirits can be brightened

For with the Love that came to illuminate our way

We can rejoice in past joys & look forward to new blessings

May it be so –


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1 Response to 2020- A Year of Transitions ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

  1. Bill Michels says:


    We were very remiss in not extending our condolences at the time of Tom’s passing but were in the midst of the last stages of our daughter’s battle with Stage 4 triple negative breast cancer, which she finally lost 2 months later. Her husband & 3 kids ages 9-14 will be arriving tomorrow for a week and like you we are all doing our best to move on while savoring the many memories we shared with her.

    I had the opportunity to interact multiple times with Tom as a lister over the last 10+ years in advocating that Hawk properties were appraised appropriately and more recently in conjunction with the transfer of infrastructure, including common land, from Hawk to our owners association and in all cases found him to be a true gentleman thoroughly committed to fairness for all — which isn’t easy given the nature of the job. It also sounds like he experienced a more peaceful passing than those dealing with debilitating diseases have to endure.

    And like you and many others we are looking forward to new year, vaccination and an eventual return to when we can all socialize again.


    On Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 11:45 PM Welcome to The Plymouth Press Online wrote:

    > The Plymouth Press posted: ” Reprinted with permission from The Vermont > Standard 2020 – a year of transitions Last December we were frantically > searching to find a place for Christmas dinner so that Tom & I could meet > with the Gedney & Stern families. Albany turne” >

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