Big snow accumulations, to go or eat in options at Echo Lake Inn & Christmas Blessings~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission of The Vermont Standard


In my last report, the snow had melted, then Wednesday into Thursday, we received about 40 inches here in Tyson.  I tended to my back deck on three separate occasions, easily moving the light and fluffy snow off into the driveway.  Although the morning walks have been brisk, there has been little wind, making getting out in the fresh air delightful.

One of my neighbors brought over his tractor/snowblower and did an amazing job clearing my driveway and dooryard. (He also assisted folks all up and down the road).  My regular plow fellow finished up the next day and even shoveled up from my basement.  The grandson of another neighbor cleared my other deck.  Blessings were coming one right after the other. Since I didn’t need to go anywhere, I could appreciate the beauty of the snow sparkling in the sunshine.

Looking for some special culinary treats, check out the website for the Echo Lake Inn.  Meals in the restaurant or to go are available and special feasts planned for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Christmas Blessings (MM 12/3/05)

Christmas comes upon us

With its sparkle and its rush.

We need to look beyond it

And to seek the peace and hush,

That come when to the manger

We bring our hopes & fears ~

The Holy Babe of Bethlehem

Has come to wipe our tears.

Although the world’s in turmoil

With disharmony & strife,

Jesus, our precious gift from God,

Was born to bring us life.

So may this season be for you

One of joy and love,

Filled with many blessings,

Shining like the Star above.

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