Bethany Birches Auction, Rt 100 construction, Tag Sale and Extraction Training for Firefighters ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Well, still no frost yet and some lovely fall days this past week.  A bit glum this morning (Monday), but there are always indoor projects that clamor for attention.  I need to find an appropriate and safe spray for plants that should come back inside soon.  Suggestions appreciated!

The Bethany Birches Auction was an amazing event.  The weather cooperated nicely and folks enjoyed themselves in this beautiful outdoor venue.  My grandsons helped to distribute the items and people were extremely generous.  When things went for high prices, Owen finally deduced that the bidders really just wanted to give money to the camp!  It is heartwarming to know that scholarships are available so that many campers will be able to attend.

The road construction on Rte 100 is apparently somewhat behind, so the road will not be fully open this week.  There is a chance that it might have one lane open soon, but when appears to be unclear at this point.  This situation may impact the feasibility of holding the Tag Sale slated for 10/10.  If one lane is open, or the paving of Route 100A is complete, Lauren feels it can go forward.  Otherwise it will be rescheduled.  Stay tuned…

I understand that 5 of our volunteer firemen participated in an Extraction Training recently.  We are so fortunate that we have few fires, but it is nice that these folks continue to increase their skills to meet whatever circumstances arise.

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