Construction Update Routes VT-100 AND VT-100A

The Vermont Agency of Transportation (AOT) is using accelerated construction to improve VT-100 in Plymouth and VT-100A, which spans Plymouth and Bridgewater.

DATE: October 1, 2021

VT-100 TRAFFIC IMPACT: VT-100 will remain closed between Route 4 and VT-100A through October 29th (see map) due to construction delays. Detour signs and message boards are in place to direct traffic. Please travel with caution. 

CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES: This week at culvert 114, the contractor completed installation of stone fill in the stream and along the culvert. The remaining work on culvert 114 is guardrail installation and paving. At bridge 115, the contractor has been excavating, drilling, and installing reinforcing steel into the ledge. Next week, forming and pouring of concrete subfooting for one of the bridge abutments will occur. 

Site work at culvert 115 continues.

LOCATION: VT-100 in Plymouth between VT-100A and Route 4.

VT-100A TRAFFIC IMPACT: There will be alternating lanes of travel at active construction work during construction hours (6:00 am until 6:00 pm). Travel will be managed by both flaggers and Automated Flagger Assistance Devices. Stop on red, go on flashing yellow, and mind the gate! 

CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES: This week, Pike Industries continued paving, which is nearing completion. This will be followed by backing up the edge of pavement and driveways with recycled asphalt. Subcontractor Nicom will continue installing plug joints will be installed where the roadway meets the bridges. Alternating lanes of travel will be in place at these operations. 

Crews installing plug joints along VT-100A.

REMINDER: During the VT-100 closure (see above), VT-100A is the dedicated detour route. Please plan your travel accordingly.

LOCATION: VT-100A between VT-100 and Route 4, connecting Plymouth and Bridgewater.


Detour and projects map

Contact Information
Hannah Brockhaus
Public Information Consultant
802-673-1264 |
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