Holiday weekend visitors, Tag Sale success and Warning from The Select Board ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Well, it certainly is challenging to figure out what to wear these days.  I am not complaining, however, since the leaves are lovely and outdoor activities abound.  I bought a small pumpkin the other day for my deck and was surprised (and a bit annoyed) that some creature nibbled most of the stem off!

The Holiday weekend brought swarms of visitors to our area. Woodstock had its share of sightseers and activities.  I did not venture into Ludlow, but there were events taking place on Saturday and Sunday.  Many people headed up Rte 100 to attend the tag sale at the Community Center on Sunday.  I only did a 3 hour stretch, but I understand that the entire day was busy.  Proceeds exceeded $1,800 for the individual vendors and many also gave generously to VVSA (VT Volunteer Services for Animals Humane Society).  Some items were also being sold to assist with the Lake Amherst project.

A delightful gentleman with a French accent entered at one point wondering about the designation “Tag Sale”. He and his wife are apparently new in town and were unfamiliar with the term.  We warmly ushered him in and all enjoyed a chuckle.  The camaraderie was amazing and it felt reasonably Covid-safe with everyone wearing masks and windows and doors open.  Lauren did a fantastic job organizing the event!

I am including the recent warning issued by the Select Board about the upcoming meeting on 11/3 and voting on 11/4.  I hope to obtain details about the budget request and short-term rental ordinance to share with you next time.  


The legal voters of the Town of Plymouth are hereby Warned to meet at the Plymouth Municipal Building at 7:00 PM on Weds, November 3, 2021, to transact at that time business not involving voting by Australian Ballot or voting required by law by ballot. The polls will be open Thursday, November 4, 2021, at the Plymouth Municipal Building from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM for the purpose of voting by Australian Ballot. The business to be transacted will include: 

Article 1 To see if the voters will authorize the Selectboard to assign fund balances in accordance with 24 V.S.A. § 2804. 

Article 2 To see if the town will vote to appropriate the sum of $950,000.00 for repair of the town hall roof, completing deferred maintenance, performing energy/weatherization upgrades, and the addition of solar, as outlined in Option D, prepared by William Maclay Architects. 

Article 3  To see if the Town will approve a short-term rental ordinance. 

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