Bears waking up, VT Fire Academy Training at Woodward Reservoir ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


There were some lovely warm days this week that beckoned several of us on Dublin Rd to get out and go for a community walk. Some of us ventured out again today (Sunday), at a time when the blowing snow had subsided a bit. Although the flurries have been happening all day, not much has accumulated. That may change as the snow is predicted to continue overnight. Spring is being elusive. At least the wind has been drying out some of the mud!

I am wondering if the bears are disgruntled about this wintry weather. They were out in force this weekend, with several people reporting bird feeders being mangled and suet feeders missing all-together! They even set their sights on beehives as they are emerging from hibernation.

I understand and some of you may have seen that there was a VT Fire Academy training at Woodward Reservoir on 3/19 and 3/20 that provided Technician certification for Ice and cold-water rescue. Over 30 Fire fighters from Fire Departments throughout Vermont participated. Congratulations to Steve Radonis for becoming Technician level certified and offering Plymouth another level of protection!

A poem A.A. Milne that is not quite true yet: 

She turned to the sun.                                                                   

 And shook her yellow head,                                                                          

 And whispered to her neighbor:                                   

 “Winter is dead.” 

photo by Rick Kaminski

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