Birthdays and walks on Tyson Road ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Writing on Monday morning, the sun is shining brightly. It was interesting that during the night I looked outside and saw the stars of the big dipper shimmering in the sky, but also snowflakes! Such strange weather these days.

 I actually don’t have much news today. In addition to our group of five, plus one dog, walking the neighborhood the other day, many others were enjoying time on Tyson Road. I assume some were staying at the Echo Lake Inn. One disheartening issue, however, is the litter along the road and into the woods. It is difficult to comprehend why some folks can’t find a better place to discard their cans and bottles.

Well, I am already late with noting some April birthdays. Sally Dolloff was 4/1, Dana Dolloff was 4/3. I believe that Shirley Billings is 4/12, Cheryl Bishop is 4/13, Brandon Bergey is 4/19 and Kathy Lynds is 4/29. Congratulations to one and all!

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