Sandie Small resigned, Book Club meeting and seeking application for Town Clerk position ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Monday has dawned bright and beautiful – so nice to see the azure sky and sparkling sunshine! We all know that April means spring showers, but it will a day to work in my bedraggled yard.

I imagine that most folks are aware that Sandie Small submitted her resignation at the last Select Board meeting. Many thanks to her for doing this detailed job for several years with a bright smile on her face. According to the Selectmen, the town office will be open only on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the time-being until additional staff can be hired.

The Book Group will be reviewing The Personal Librarian by Marie Benedict on Wednesday evening 4/13 at 6:30 via Zoom. It is about Belle Da Costa Greene, who was the personal librarian to financier J.P.Morgan. It is non-fiction, but I found it to be riveting as she gained expertise and confidence at a time when women were not well-accepted in the world of rare books, manuscripts and art that became world-renowned.

In other town news, I understand that 15 property owners paid their balances prior to the tax sale, which is so encouraging. It sounds like it will be another summer of road work extending along Rte 100 from Rte 4 to Rte 103. The same company that did such a nice job on 100A will be handling this project, starting at Rte 4 beginning in May. Happily, there is not to be full road closure, but one-way traffic as they proceed.

The Select Board is seeking applications for the Town Clerk position that will be an appointment until the election in March of 2023. The VT Journal will post it, but here are some of the specifics. Applicants need to be Plymouth residents. Duties include a wide range of responsibilities such as: setting up elections, recording deeds and licenses, warning meetings and posting minutes, dispersing information to other town departments, grant application and reporting.

Lastly, let’s join together at the Coolidge Museum and Education Center to celebrate Bill Jenney and thank him for his many years of tireless attention to details at the Coolidge Homestead on 5/22 at 3:00 PM. He will be difficult to replace!

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