Book Club, dirt road update and approaching Green Up Day ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Knowing what to wear these days is problematic with sunny, warm or cold with rainy and snowy conditions coming and going with regularity! Easter attire included sweaters and heavy coats this year.  Writing on Monday morning the sun is shining brightly, but Tuesday’s forecast of several inches of snow is unnerving.  My snow shovels remain handy and my car is still adorned with snow tires, so I guess I am all set.

The Personal Librarian generated a great discussion during book group.  What makes it so special is that each person picks up on slightly different details so that more meaning is obtained from each selection. It was nice to have Rose’s from friend, Pam, join us on zoom. Our next book is The Push by Ashley Audrain, that will be discussed on Wednesday, 5/11. I gather it is a thriller that includes debate over the nature/nurture issue.

 I see that work has been done to grade most roads and they seem to be in good shape now, despite the horrendous mud season.  I don’t believe Patch Brook has been touched yet and the last I checked there were some severely washed out places.

Everyone is out trying to clear the winter debris from yards but the weather is not always cooperating. I have not heard about Greenup day, but it is usually the first Saturday in May. More to come on that….

I am still having difficulty with my computer, even though Matt came and helped me clean it up. If anyone is knowledgeable and feels like helping me on my iMac, feel free to get in touch!

Easter Morning at my place
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