Saturday is Green Up Day, Celebration of Life for Jeff Rebideau ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Wasn’t Sunday a glorious day! Spring seems to be bouncing in and out this year.  I want to thank Andrew Crossman for cleaning up my yard while I was gone. It looks like April showers are continuing into May, but the ground seems rather dry, so that is probably a good thing.

I was away again this past weekend, so I am not up on all of the local news. I did learn that Green up day is Saturday 5/7. ABLE Waste Management will be accepting the designated green state bags at Fast Trash locations from Plymouth and Bridgewater residents for free. You can pick up these special bags at the Town Building, so that no fee will be charged.

In speaking with Tina, there will be a Celebration of Life for Jeff Rebideau on Saturday, 5/21 at 1 PM at 2275 Old Turnpike Rd in Mt Holly. She has a tent and will be providing meat, but side dishes would be greatly appreciated. This will be a special time to come together and share fun-filled memories and to support one another.

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