Select board meeting information, approaching Town meeting ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard

The Select Board meeting on 2/20 was quite informative. Dr Elliot Rubin, our school board director joined the meeting via Zoom and connected us with Ben Ford, who is Chair of the finance committee of WCUUSD. He provided a wonderfully comprehensive presentation that was too detailed to note here. Okemo Valley TV recorded the meeting, so you can access it from there. I did learn that the Education Fund also derives money from sources other than property taxes, such as taxes on gasoline and internet purchases. He also said that 75% of the budget reflects people cost – salaries and benefits. There will be an informational meeting Thurs 3/2, 6:30pm – 7:30pm at WUMHS to discuss the articles being presented to voters. You can go to their website for more info and Zoom instructions.

In addition, there were several members of the Plymouth Fire Dept on hand to discuss the dire need to replace our 33 year old fire truck. In the past, they have hunted for used trucks in an effort to be frugal. That means taking castoffs from other departments that need retrofitting which can be costly. Also, they do not come with warranties! In view of our town topography, a 4-wheel vehicle is needed. Per Fire Chief, Kirk Turner, surrounding fire companies have been contacted and none are willing to cover our town, except for mutual aid assistance for a serious blaze. It was also pointed out that homeowners insurance rates would rise considerably if there is not a local fire dept. Currently our PFD has raised $100,000, but trucks run about $500,000, thus the need to ask for town funds. Unfortunately, their request for a grant was not successful. Most of those present seemed in favor and the truck would actually be a town asset.

So, there is much to consider as Town Meeting approaches. There are additional copies of the Town Report at the Town Office if needed. The positions noted in Article 1 will be voted by Australian ballot on Tuesday, 3/7. The other Articles will be discussed and voted at the Town Meeting at 7 PM on Monday, 3/6.

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