Town meeting approaching and Easter Dinner curbside pickup at Ludlow Community Center ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


I am writing this on Sunday at 4 PM, as the snow begins to fall again. We did not receive the 14 inches of snow that was predicted for Thursday, but over 2 days I did remove 7 inches of snow from my deck. I considered myself fortunate that the couple of times I ventured into Ludlow, the traffic was not backed up.  I do know that Mt Holly and Shrewbury families trying to attend the basketball finals on Friday evening at the Community Center found themselves stuck in traffic from Jackson Gore for over 20 minutes, though!

Fletcher Memorial library extends thanks to those who participated in their on-line raffle. It was quite successful and it was nice to see local folks, some from Plymouth, come to offer support on the final evening.

I do not have much news to report this week, but don’t forget the Town Meeting on 3/6 where most items will be voted from the floor. See details on the Plymouth website. There are several important issues to discuss. One of them is concerning a new fire truck. Thanks Angela for the picture of some of the volunteers who assisted with the Emergency Services fundraiser spaghetti dinner. Voting for various town positions will take place on Tuesday from 10 AM to 7 PM.

It seems that many area Emergency Service/Fire Depts are busy with fundraising, so take note of the one listed below the pictures!

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