“Date Night” Childcare Available; Camp Plymouth Open All Month — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Ooh La La!


Definitely a change in the weather – a portent of things to come! I guess it will be heating again next week, though, so don’t put your warm weather clothes away just yet. We still seem to have a few hummingbirds around who don’t appear to be panicked about heading south. Remember that Camp Plymouth State Park is open until the end of September and that is a great place to take a dip or go out on the lake with a boat.

It was so nice to have Reading Group come to my house last Thursday so that I could participate in the discussion. My new hip and I were just home from the hospital that afternoon, so it was wonderful to have a pleasant diversion.

The book selection for this next time is Ripe for the Picking by Annie Hawes. It will be a bit more lighthearted that our recent books, but everyone agreed it is fun to mix things up! Since this is not a book for which several copies can be obtained from the Killington Library, you will need to obtain a copy on your own. The next meeting will take place at 6:30 PM on Thursday, 10/4 at the Community Center.

For parents who want a night out, consider taking Lauren up on her offer of “Date Night” childcare at the Plymouth Schoolhouse from 4-8 PM on Saturday, 9/22. The cost is $20 per child and dinner should be sent along with them. Contact Lauren Skaskiw, 802 417 6895 or lskaskiw@gmail.com to make the arrangements.

We are still trying to pull together the Community Luncheon at Tyson Church for Thursday, 9/20. If anyone would like to help, please let me know!

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